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Let's your startup take-off

Boost your company surrounded by experienced entrepreneurs and cargo industry experts.

Six days of intensive work during which various topics such as sales, investors relations, growth hacking, digital strategy,and storytelling will be covered in order to get you ready to pitch your solution in front of a panel of investors on the final day.

Take part in this incredible opportunity to get ahead of the game!

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4 reasons to participate

  • 1

    Individual coaching sessions

    with industry professionals and mentors

  • 2

    Learn how VC works

    pre invest, invest, post invest relations

  • 3


    in front of specialized VC

  • 4

    Award: A flight to China

    to visit Alibaba HQ


  • Jean-Christophe Cuvelier

    Co-founder – Mad kings

  • Philippe Szombat

    Founder – BrightBiz

  • Thierry Gieseler

    Speakers’ Coach Brussels - Communication coach –

  • Gaëtan Baudelet

    Investment Manager – Noshaq

  • Jean Verheyen

    CEO – Nallian

  • Bert Selis

    Cargo & Logistics Manager – Liege Airport

  • Steven Verhasselt

    VP Commercial – Liege Airport

  • Roald Sieberath

    Venture Partner – Leansquare

  • Ben Piquard

    CEO – Leansquare

  • Gérôme Vanherf

    COO & Program Director – Leansquare

Grab your ticket for a unique experience of inspiration, meeting and networking for the cargo industry

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