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24 hours to challenge the status quo

What is it?

You eat data for breakfast? Code is your mother tongue? You have a creative mind? The hackathon is definitely something for you!

The objective is to bring bright minds together and surround them by industry experts to come up with a solution to an identified problem within 24 hours of intensive work. Get outside your comfort zone and help to shape the future of the air cargo industry in a fun atmosphere.

The winners will get the opportunity to fly to China to present their solution to Alibaba’s headquarter.


When and where?

Like the other Summit activities, the Hackathon will take place at the Liège Airport site (Street: de l’Aéroport, 4460 Grâce-Hollogne). It will start on the morning of 13/11 until 14/11 at 11:00 am. The teams will therefore have 24 hours of intense work before the presentation to the jury.



There are still some places left for a few teams, so don’t delay to register.

  • Deadline for registration: 29.10.19
  • Registration is completely free, and catering is offered by WeCargo

By participating in the Hackathon, in addition to benefiting from the advice of professionals to develop your project, you can access the various WeCargo activities such as Startup day (14/11) or Conference day (14/11).

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Each team (composed by 6 people) must choose one of the following challenges:

  • Track wear & infrastructure

    Creation of a concept that can predict and monitor the use of runways and taxiways, taking into account tonnage, number of movements, parking spaces used (north / south) and external factors such as weather conditions, etc.

  • Demystify the handler profession

    Creating an innovative way to make the job more exciting for new generations.

  • GSE Pooling

    Creation of a concept to optimize and forecast handling equipment needs. Taking into account several factors such as the tonnage handled, the type of aircraft and the tonnage expected in the long term. The concept must include a financially viable business model for a pool of equipment (managed by Liège Airport, an external or a handler) that can meet the demand during peak periods.

  • Smart parking

    Imagine Liege Airpot SmartParking to optimize carrier time. Mapping the data flow, detailing the source and use of the data. Communication between carriers and handlers is important to optimize the entry and exit of critical areas in the immediate vicinity of warehouses.


Mentors / Jury members

  • Michel Cui

    Michel Cui

    Head of Mid Market& Benelux – Alibaba Cloud

  • Luc Partoune

    CEO – Liege Airport

  • Guillaume Halleux

    Chief Officer Cargo – Qatar Airways

  • Bert Selis

    Cargo & Logistics Manager – Liege Airport

  • Ben Piquard

    CEO – Leansquare

  • Jean Verheyen

    CEO – Nallian

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